Not many of us strive to become the best versions of ourselves. Not many of us even know what that mean or feel like. And, not many of us…especially Women, know what it means to have self-care.

Everyday, we’re running, fixing, changing, rearranging and care taking to where there isn’t even a minute left at the end of the day to think of our own needs. Then, waiting on someone to think of those needs is like waiting on Jesus to come back.

“So, how am I supposed to find ways to fit self-care into my life?”

STEP 1: Decide to go through with it REGARDLESS…

STEP 2: Write out small increments of “Me time” into a journal. Start with one activity one day a week. Move to two activities, two days a week when you’ve accomplished the first day of actually going through with it.

STEP 3: Start with small things like spending at least 15-30 minutes walking, reading, meditating or exercising first thing in the morning.

STEP 4: Once you accomplish your first “self-care moment”, be sure to give yourself praise by doing something extra special at the end of that week.

The ultimate goal here is to learn how to stop saying “no” to your spirit. Make time to create your self-care routines. Say “no” to what no longer serves you. Once you begin to notice more free time, USE IT! Set routines for yourself that ONLY involve you. Nails done, a trip to an ice cream shop, a movie alone, a spa day, go to the barber shop and get the works. Anything that can help you to remember you…that’s self-care.

Spa Days are amazing. Wait…nobody said anything about going out and booking spa appointments. My personal spa days includes my FAVORITE SELF-FACIALS, A SELF MANI/PEDI, A RUB DOWN WITH MY BODY OIL AND A NICE SOY CANDLE WHILE READING MY FAVORITE BOOK OR WRITING IN MY JOURNAL. Doing this once a week in my designated time, designated space and designated mindset (no interruptions) is critical for me now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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