Have you always wanted to learn how to REALLY make handcrafted, real soap?

Well, now you can and I'm excited to be your teacher. This upcoming session is designed specifically for beginner level soapmakers and enthusiasts. It is a full, 3-day session that is open to only a maximum of 12 soap making students per session.

This is the perfect class to help you learn the basics of natural soapmaking for your personal collection. There is no heavy pressure. It's an extremely fun, informative and inspiring class. Wether you'd like to make soap for a skin ailment, to start a business or just to learn something really cool, this class is perfect.

fade-leftfade-rightNEXT SESSION: MAY 7th thru MAY 9th in Douglasville, GA

What's Included In Your Session:

In this workshop, we walk you through every step and give you a real scientific approach to soapmaking that will have you making your own bars in no time. You get to experience a hands-on learning adventure from a professional skincare company owner and master artisan to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about making soap.

Class participants walk away with full, step-by-step instructions, 3 easy to follow recipes and their very own handcrafted batches of 3 different soap loaves.

This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to better understand what makes handcrafted products different from commercial brands & how soap is made from scratch using the cold-process method.


Learn the history of scratch-made soap, safety procedures, make your very first batch of basic soap and much more. Day 1 will be all about learning and the importance of understanding the process. We will discuss the different types of soap you will be making throughout the session with an emphasis on mastering those recipes. You will receive step-by-step instructions and move at a pace that you are comfortable with. The goal on day 1 is to help make you comfortable and confident with the process.

Day 2 will be all about marveling over your work and graduating to another level. You will learn about how to work a beneficial soap recipe and come up with your own. You will learn more about additives, colorants, fragrances, essential oils and substituting water for another form of liquid to make your soap. On this day, we will make your 2nd batch and you will have an option to use all of the things mentioned above to make a more interesting, yet more involved soap. At the end of the day, you will get to cut your Day 1 soap into bars to take home and start the curing process.

Day 3 is the day where things get really magical. Your confidence has risen, you have a general understanding of how things work and now you will make a soap that is a little more intense. Day 3 involves working with a partner for the first half and finishing on your own for the 2nd half. You finish off your session with information on how to sell soap as a side business, all about packaging, niching your soap and so much more!

More Details

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothes you wouldn't mind getting dirty! You will need to bring your own apron. Wear closed-toe shoes (like sneakers). Wear a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face (a pony tail or completely covered is suggested).

Age Restriction

Registration is open to Ages 18 and up. There are no children or extra bodies allowed due to space restrictions. If someone is not taking part in the class, they will not be allowed to "hang out" in the workshop.

What's Included/What I Provide

The items listed below will only be used during your workshop and will remain at HoneyMilk. You will only be allowed to take your finished product when we are done.

  • 2lb Soap Molds for Your Projects
  • Full Soapmaking Manual
  • Soap Making Recipes
  • Ingredients for Each Project
  • Soapmaking Tools
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Mixing Containers


Why Learn at HoneyMilk?

Hi, hello! I'm Michelle Hill, Owner and Skincare Alchemist over at HoneyMilk: Soap + Skin.

HoneyMilk™ (originally Kissed by Koco) was created after my son Noa was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. I set out to learn everything I could about the causes of Autism. I quickly discovered how the simple things we put on our bodies and consume daily puts us at a higher risk for health and skin conditions.

So, now I think back often about when I first made soap. It was scary. So scary, I waited about 2 1/2 years before making my first batch. I was alone. I tried to keep it a secret because I didn't want to mess up in front of everyone. Fast forward to today, I can make it with my hands tied behind my back. I'm confident and I made myself an authority.

Teaching others how to really make soap for me is more about eliminating the unnecessaries. I believe what keeps people from learning how and feeling confident is in part the fault of trying to learn EVERYTHING at once and in one day.

Learning from a 10 year and counting soap business creator and maker will be extremely critical to your true success. Being able to ask questions and apply the answers will make all the difference. The experience will be personal, informative, very thorough and super fun.