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Yes! Your skin can glow again!

That’s right. Your beautiful skin is a possibility again. I discovered many years back that at some point, we ALL have done something (or are currently doing something) that’s killing our chances of having better skin. Healthy skin. Glowing skin. Remember that?

Whether it’s something you’re eating, drinking, chronically thinking about, rubbing on…whatever it is…it can be GOOD or DEADLY for your skin.

So, I have this theory. It goes like this…we all have a chemical makeup that is pretty similar and often times the same. However, there is a small percentage that create differences. What you eat, I may not be able to eat because it could break me out, send me to the hospital or send me into shock. Ok…ok…that’s a little harsh. And Vice Versa. But, needless to say, everything doesn’t work for everyone.

This is why some skincare is wonderful for some people and horrific for others. Some diet plans work miracles for some and absolutely does nothing for others.

Moral of the message? Unfortunately. What is mine, is not yours. What is yours is not mine. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have the millions of different foods, products, ways of doing things, etc. We’d all be eating the same things, using the same products…sort of like we’re trying to do now.

What to do about it?

The first thing I suggest is to do a serious analysis of what you’re consuming on a daily basis. You thought I was going to say something else right? Thought I was going to suggest an amazing new product? I know. 🙂

So often, I find that we are looking at what’s working for someone else’s skin. We flock to the website to purchase it. We’re not taking into consideration that that person’s genetic makeup, their daily food consumption, regimen, etc. is more than likely much different from our own.

When the HoneyMilk audience (#honeymilkhive) see a marketing post about a product that does this or that, they almost immediately either inbox me about it, ask if it’s good for their condition or how often should they use the product.

The first few questions I always ask are “What is your water intake like? Do you smoke? Do you eat a lot of red meats? Do you exercise?” I know they are on the other end like “Whattttt????” LOL. But, again my main concern is to have them evaluate the “cause” of their skin’s condition…not what is the best thing to cover it up or sweep it under the rug. We all have an underlying cause that’s giving us acne, eczema, etc. Don’t you want it to end for good?

In closing, what you have to understand is that in order to find what’s right for your skin to help it “POP or “GLOW” you have to do more than skim the surface. You have to dig deeper and do some soul searching. Do a complete overhaul of things that may not be good for you that keep swearing to stop.

Remember, the skin is the largest organ and it acts as a portal into your system. What it comes in contact with goes into your system within 26-30 seconds. What you consume into your body comes out through your skin as well. So, being extremely calculated about what you consume AND rub on your skin will make all the difference. Once you begin to cut out what no longer serves your temple, it will be extremely easy to choose a product that will work well for and with you.

Here’s a really cool DIY Face Mask that you can create at home. It’s simple and works well for all skin types:


  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • ¼ ripe avocado
  • 2 drops of lavender oil (or no essential oil at all)


In one small bowl, mix all of the ingredients until you have a paste. Take a new (clean) makeup brush and gently apply it with even strokes. Be careful under your eyes (this is a super fragile area). Leave it on for about 15 minutes. It will get a little stiff or dry hard. Rinse with warm water and do a final rinse with cool water. Pat your face dry with a Paper Towel or Clean rag. Place any leftover mask in a container in the refrigerator. It will last for about a day or two.

You can also try HoneyMilk’s handcrafted Skincare masks HERE.

Let’s get the conversation started on the HoneyMilk page on Facebook or Instagram under the post for this new blog entry. I’d love to hear your thoughts about your skincare struggles and success!

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Just a little bit of self-care!

Not many of us strive to become the best versions of ourselves. Not many of us even know what that mean or feel like. And, not many of us…especially Women, know what it means to have a care for self.

Everyday, we’re running, fixing, changing, rearranging and care taking to where there isn’t even a minute left at the end of the day to think of our own needs. Then, waiting on someone to think of those needs is like waiting on Jesus to come back.

“So, how am I supposed to find ways to fit self-care into my life?”

STEP 1: Decide to go through with it REGARDLESS…

STEP 2: Write out small increments of “Me time” into a journal. Start with one activity one day a week. Move to two activities, two days a week when you’ve accomplished AFTER the first day of actually going through with it.

STEP 3: Start with small things like spending at least 15-30 minutes walking, reading, meditating or exercising first thing in the morning.

STEP 4: Once you accomplish your first “self-care moment”, be sure to give yourself praise by doing something extra special at the end of that week. P.S. >>> YOU MUST DO THIS!

The ultimate goal here is to learn how to stop saying “no” to your spirit. Make time to create your self-care routines. Say “no” to what no longer serves you. Once you begin to notice more free time, USE IT! Set routines for yourself that ONLY involve you. Nails done, a trip to an ice cream shop, a movie alone, a spa day, go to the barber shop and get the works. Anything that can help you to remember you…that’s self-care.

The only thing that’s stopping you from getting the self care you deserve is you actually going after it.