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Bring on a different aspect of awesome to your shop by stocking HoneyMilk's highly sought after products! We carry a full line of soaps, soaks, scrubs, cremes and so much more!

We're super excited to present to you and your business the opportunity to carry line of all-natural products through a wholesale account. Not only will your customers be delightfully pleased, you will also do really well with the new addition of our products to your store.

Take a moment to complete the form below and apply for a wholesale account. There are 2 options available and you will be considered for whichever option you select. Please understand that this process requires verification and approval from HoneyMilk before the wholesale account can be granted. You will receive notification of our decision within 5-7 business days.

Please Read our Terms and Policies prior to submitting your interest. HERE.

Thanks again for your interest in HoneyMilk's Wholesale Business Account Opportunity!

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