“I Am Royal” (formerly Noir)

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Formerly known as “Black Ice Detox” and most recently “Noir, The Black Bar” soap, I Am Royal is the MOST FAVORITE SOAP by both our male and female customers. This beautiful black bar is made of some of the finest ingredients for skincare that draws out toxins, leaving the skin glowing and acne free. The essential oil combinations is purely divine and extravagant. It boasts a fluffy and silky lather that’s rich in skin-loving nourishment.

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10 reviews for “I Am Royal” (formerly Noir)

  1. Tashe’ Allen (verified owner)

    This soap smells great and leaves my face feels soooo smooth.

    • honeymilk

      Our #1 best selling soap! So glad you liked it! <3 It's truly a powerful blend.

  2. Tamilla

    This soap has always kept my skin feeling fresh and CLEAN!!!

    • honeymilk

      Thanks for the great review! This is definitely our customer’s fav!

  3. AJ Hicks

    Perfection in a bar of soap. Love all your products. Keep up the great work!

    • honeymilk

      Awww…that’s awesome! I truly will! Thanks for the review!

  4. AnJanet Coleman (verified owner)

    I got this soap for husband. He loves. The bar is almost gone. Next time I order I have to get more than 1.

  5. Andria C. (verified owner)

    I order two bars. Two weeks later I ordered the Charcol Detox Bundle. My husband ordered the same bundle for me not knowing I had just ordered one. I love this soap! It leaves my skin feeling so good and the lather is magic. I can’t wait to get the mask and face wash (both sets)!!!

  6. Simone

    I love how it feels against my face. I’ve been using it on my entire body not sure if it’s right or wrong haha . Thank you for such a great brand and product

  7. TippC (verified owner)

    This bar is so sexy to look at! I swear I just ogled it for about 10 minutes! Lol The lather is bubbly and the sent is heavenly and long lasting. My skin feels soft and amazing.

  8. Tonya (verified owner)

    My husband loves this soap. I believe he sent a photo of the soap to all of his contacts in his phone. He was hoping the inside stayed gold. I love the smell!

  9. Amy M. (verified owner)

    I got this as a sample in my very first purchase and couldn’t wait to buy a full bar! It is my favorite and new go-to for washing my face. My skin feels so clean and never dry after using it.

  10. Tina Deifallah (verified owner)

    So many reasons to LOVE this soap! The scent is wonderful- rich without being overpowering- and it’s beautiful. For me, the top reason is that it cleared up an itchy patch of skin that had been bothering me for over a year. I had tried ointments and creams and even medication but nothing really helped. A couple weeks after I started using this soap on that area daily, I noticed it was starting to calm down. Another couple of weeks and it was just gone. Gone! I almost wanted to cry when I realized one day that I hadn’t been itching and scratching most of the day. Loved it so much that I bought a bunch of them to give away as gifts during the holidays last year. THANK YOU for making this wonderful soap, Honeymilk!!

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