I Am Gentle – Soy Affirmation Candle



Say it with me “I Am GENTLE!” This new affirmation soy candle is perfect for your moments of gratitude and praise. Light it when your spirit is in an uproar and you need to choose calm and peace. This nostalgic scent is now our best seller. It’s a is a delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, muguet and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base.

It will definitely remind you of newborn babies and bath time. 

BURN TIME IS: 45-50 hours

Made in our studios, these candles are handcrafted and poured into a reusable clear glass jar which makes the perfect piece for an affirmation plant to follow. It’s not an ordinary candle. Oh no. It comes with a personal script to say during your burn time to release positive gratitude and energy out to the Universe.

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